Pirate Math

Pirate Math is a program designed to improve the word-problem skill of elementary-aged students. Currently, there is a Pirate Math program for use in second-grade classrooms and a third-grade program for use as an individual tutoring intervention. During Pirate Math, students learn to

  • Focus on and identify the conceptual framework of three types of word problems (i.e., Total, Difference, and Change word problems);
  • Identify and ignore irrelevant information;
  • Translate a word problem’s narrative to a mathematical equation, substituting “X” for the missing information;
  • Solve for the missing variable (“X”) as expressed in the mathematical equation; and
  • Self-evaluate the reasonableness of solved equations.

Common Core Standards: Varied

Setting: Whole Class and Individual

Focus Area: Acquisition, Fluency and Generalization


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