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This section houses assorted resources to assist teachers, school based problem solving teams and schools as they develop their RTI school wide programs. These tools are focused on helping schools use EBI in a problem solving framework.  These tool should be useful for schools who have adopted a RTI eligibility process, and schools who have not as long as there is a team of teachers helping address children in need of EBI.  As we are in the process of developing this section please contact Dr. Chris Riley-Tillman if you have any requests or ideas.

Problem Solving Team Resources


Training Webinars

The National Center for Intensive Interventions is in the process of developing a series of trainings to help schools use EBI in an effect manner.  These trainings focus on the process of data based individualization which is the NCII title for a data driven problem solving model.  Many of the people who contribute to the EBI Network are also involved in the NCII.