Welcome to the EBI Network!

To support the use of evidence based interventions (EBI) in schools, the Evidence Based Intervention Network (EBIN) was developed to provide guidance in the selection and implementation of EBI in the classroom setting. The EBIN has an extensive resource base including evidence based intervention briefs, video modeling of EBIs, information on selecting and using EBI. Each of these resources has been developed in collaboration with
faculty and students from a variety of universities. We hope you find the information useful to help children who are struggling.


The EBI Network has a Twitter feed.  Join us at twitter.com/EBINetwork for updates and other relevant tweets.

Recent Related Work

If you’re interested in an in depth review of EBI take a look at Effective School Interventions 3rd Ed: Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Student Outcomes. This book presents best-practice guidelines and step-by-step procedures for 83 interventions that can easily be implemented by teachers and other school-based professionals.

Also consider looking at the books in the Practical Intervention in the Schools Series Book Series. The lead developer of the EBI Network is the editor of the series which has a number of very useful books to support EBI use in the schools.

Finally, Chris Birr also wrote an interesting article in the Wisconsin School Psychology Association Sentinel Volume 16 (3).

Evidence Based Intervention Section

In this section a collection of evidence based interventions (academic and behavioral) have been collected and sorted into categories to help you select the right EBI for the job.  Short intervention briefs, modeling videos and overviews of the evidence base for the interventions are presented for each EBI.  To start using this section please go to the “How to Select an EBI!” page.

Problem Solving Team/RTI Resources

This section has assorted resources to assist teachers, school based problem solving teams and schools as they develop their problem solving teams.  This section is geared to provide simple materials to help educators select EBI and track effectiveness in an problem solving model.

Foundations of Problem Solving

This section has been added to house a series of documents outlining the foundational skills and information necessary for using a problem solving approach when working with children who exhibit academic or behavioral problems. The following is a list of examples of such skills/information;

  • What is an evidence based intervention?
  • What are the common reasons for academic and behavior problems?
  • Building strong relationships in classrooms

Thank you for visiting the EBI Network!  If you have any questions or ideas for the site please contact Dr. Riley-Tillman at rileytillmant@missouri.edu.