The Response Cost Raffle

2011-09-17 08:45:56Classwide Interventions

The Response Cost Raffle is an evidence-based intervention with a number of empirical demonstrations of effectiveness from which this brief was developed (e.g. Witt & Ellott, 1982; Proctor & Daniel, 1991). This behavioral intervention was designed to decrease the frequency of classwide inappropriate behavior. This intervention works because it motivates students to reduce their instances of inappropriate behavior through the use of negative punishment (taking away reward opportunities for students who misbehave). This intervention involves giving an entire class of students raffle tickets at the beginning of a predetermined instruction time. If a student engages in inappropriate behavior during the predetermined time, the teacher must remove one raffle ticket for each inappropriate behavior that occurred. When the teacher removes the raffle ticket(s), the teacher also removes opportunities for students to earn prizes by taking away their reward-winning opportunity (ex: raffle ticket) when they engage in inappropriate behavior.


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