Evidence Based Assessments

We are in the process of adding Evidence Based Assessments to the EBI Network!  Please note this section is new as of January 2014 and will take bit of time to fill out with briefs.

In a model consisted with this site, we have adopted a two-tier method of presenting evidence based interventions in order to order to assist teachers and other educational professionals in selecting the assessment tools that are most likely to be effective for the child in need.  In Tier 1, interventions are sorted by the categories of the problem behavior (Behavior, Reading, Mathematics, Written Expression and Content).  In Tier two, interventions are sorted into the primary goal of the assessment (screening, diagnosis and progress monitoring).

Please click the EBA Brief – Blank to see a sample brief to get an idea of how the EBA will be presented.

To access the assessments select the general content area from this page and then the type of assessment options your looking for on the content specific page.