History of the EBI Network

The EBI Network began in 2007 with the East Carolina University Evidence Based Intervention Project. The primary initial goal of this project is to provide guidance in the selection and implementation of evidence-based interventions in the classroom setting. The ECU EBI Project was a collaborative endeavor of graduate students at East Carolina University in the School Psychology MA/CAS and Pediatric School Psychology PhD programs under the direction of Dr. Chris Riley-Tillman.

In 2009, Dr. Rebecca Martinez and students in the Indiana University School Psychology program joined the project with the specific goal of creating YouTube videos for interventions as well as adding to the other resources on the site.  At that time the project was renamed the Evidence Based Interventions Network to fully represent the collaborative nature of the site.

In 2011 the site was formally moved to the University of Missouri when Dr. Riley-Tillman joined that faculty.  At that time Dr. Erica Lembke and Dr. Melissa Stormont both at the University of Missouri joined the project with the goal of adding a broader range of resources to teachers, problem solving teams and other educational professionals working with children in need.

In 2013  Dr. Erica Lembke, Dr. Sarah Powell at the University of Texas, Dr. Pamela Seethaler at Vanderbilt University and Elizabeth Hughes at Duquesne University joined the project with the goal of  developing a new section of the EBI Network devoted to math interventions.  Specifically, they developed a framework to present math interventions that incorporates both a focus on content area (e.g. Counting & Cardinality or Operations & Algebraic Thinking) and the type of problem the child is having (acquisition, proficiency or generalization) and then developed a suite of briefs.