How to Select an EBI!

To use the site to select an EBI please think of a student in need and ask two questions. First, is this primarily an academic problem, a behavior problem or both? Second, what is the most likely reason that the child is having this problem?

With those two basic questions it is possible to find evidence based interventions developed for that specific problem. After you select an intervention to try out there are some key next steps.

      1. Select a time to do the intervention.  Logically this should be when the child displayed the problem behavior.
      2. Implement the intervention in that time period.
      3. Continue to collect data for the intervention time period.
      4. Compare the data collected in the intervention phase to previously collected outcomes to see if the child responds to the intervention techniques.  The best manner to do this is to graph out the data.

As you consider intervention options, questions will come up.  We have developed or are developing a number of resources to support EBI use.  Please take some time to look over the following