Math Interventions

The EBI Network math team (Dr. Erica Lembke at the University of Missouri, Dr. Sarah Powell at the University of Texas, Dr. Pamela Seethaler at Vanderbilt University and Elizabeth Hughes at Duquesne University) has developed a framework to present math interventions that incorporates both a focus on content area (e.g. Counting & Cardinality or Operations & Algebraic Thinking) and the type of problem the child is having (acquisition, proficiency or generalization).  As with other interventions on the site each intervention will have a brief for field use.  For more information about our plans, see our current guiding document.

To select the appropriate intervention consider what you think the most likely reason is for the student’s mathematics difficulty. This question will help with the selection of a class of academic intervention (acquisition,proficiency, generalization or motivation). Once selected click on the hypothesized reason for a list of  EBI that were developed for that situation.


Please click here for a current full list of math interventions post on the EBI Network